Consultation results – September 2014

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At the beginning of June, the Council embarked on an eight-week consultation exercise with members of the public, local community groups, partners and staff.  The purpose of the exercise was to draw together and present the external pressures facing the Council and test a set of overarching proposals for a new strategic direction.
In total, 2,790 people engaged with us through the consultation process. 2,185 completed our questionnaire (which was available online, and at a series of roadshows around the county.  A further 605 people took part in staff or community workshops.)
It is clear from the consultation that there is a strong mandate for the aims:

Active Individuals – Making it easier and encouraging individuals to make choices that will help them stay active and independent.

Active Communities – Helping communities to reach out to those who need support in their area, and making people more aware of the support that is available to them

Back to Living Independently – Making sure that, where our help is needed, we  focus first on getting people back to living independent and fulfilled lives

Being There Where we are Needed Most – Targeting our specialist support on those with the most complex needs and helping them to make decisions about the long-term care that is right for them

Plans for achieving these aims will form the basis of a second phase of consultation with the public, partners and staff, beginning in October 2014, which will run alongside our Council Strategy, MTFS and Budget consultation which will be launched in December 2014.

These links will take you to documents produced as a result of the Phase 1 consultation:

Please click here to download the final MTC Report

Please click here to download the MTC Report comments

A summary of the headlines:

• The consultation demonstrated overwhelming support for the Council’s emerging strategy and the ideas that underpinned the consultation. The consultation report provides a detailed, question-by-question breakdown of the survey results, as well as some useful insights into the main opportunities and risks that people want us to consider when further developing the strategy

• There was overwhelming support for our ideas and approach across all sections of the population and all demographic groups.  However, in some cases, particular sections of the population were slightly less likely to express support than the population as a whole.  Where this is the case, it is highlighted within the report

• This level of feedback will help us to make sure that we are paying due regard to the needs of these groups in developing, planning and implementing our strategy