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Help you get a place at school (Schools admissions team)

School admissions are an important part of the council’s statutory work, its admissions team is responsible for admitting children into primary, junior and secondary schools. Whilst many schools in Gloucestershire are responsible for setting their own admissions policy and deciding who they offer places to, the council co-ordinates this to ensure that every child in the county has a school place offered to them and that all children are treated equally.

The admissions team also provide an information service to parents, schools/academies and other stakeholders. On an annual basis the team deals with over 15,000 applications for school places and receives over 25,000 calls and emails from parents during their application process. Over the past few years the team has improved its online service to allow parents to apply for a school place, receive their results and accept the offer all online 24 hours a day and in the last year 95% of parents chose to use this system.

Help you learn to use roads and ride a bike safely with a visit to Skillzone (Road Safety Partnership and Skillzone)


Imagine a life-size village with shops, a playground, a double decker bus, traffic lights, a train carriage and much more, all under one roof. A place where your students can learn about staying safe in the most exciting ways. A place where lessons are never dull.

Skillzone is Gloucestershire’s safety village. Looking more like a film set than an education centre, the village creates a realistic environment to make learning about safety an engaging experience – at any age.

Divided into 16 zones, school pupils can take part in a range of scenarios and learn essential life skills in a safe environment. Whether it is in the home, in the car, or on the train, children will learn how to recognise dangerous situations and how to stay safe.

Central to Skillzone is the Road Safety Zone, supported by the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership. In this zone, students from schools across the county learn how to stay safe on our counties urban and rural roads. Whether a passenger, driver, horse rider, cyclist or motorcycle rider, a visit to Skillzone will provide students with the skills they need to use our road networks safely.

The road safety element of your SkillZONE session may focus on:

  • Travelling by bus: knowing where your bus stop is, personal safety, driver distraction
  • Cycling: being seen, riding safely & looking properly, looking after your bike and yourself
  • Your car journey: getting in on the right side, driver distraction, seat belts and in car safety

Pedestrian safety : stop, look and listen, find a safe place to cross, distraction from music, phones and friends

Skillzone is a community asset for Gloucestershire, providing school children and community groups with a place to learn key life skills. Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership are thrilled to support such an exciting initiative.

You can find out more information on Skillzone by visiting

Bikeability scheme

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership offer every school age child over 9yrs the chance to do cycle training, delivered through the Bikeability scheme.

Give youngsters the best start to cycling.

Bikeability equips children with the skills, confidence and awareness to become safe road users. By encouraging cycling to school we can reduce congestion, pollution and will even boost children’s learning. Bikeability is a practical onroad training course, delivered by qualified instructors meets the needs of every cyclist from nine years old. Training is tailored to the cyclists’ ability and confidence using three levels:

  • Level 1- Controlling the bike in a traffic free area.
  • Level 2- Making a journey on quieter roads with simple junctions.
  • Level 3- Making a journey on busier roads riding through more complex junction roundabouts, traffic lights and using multi lanes.

Help you learn and find out more (Libraries)

There are 31 libraries and two mobile libraries in Gloucestershire. There are also eight areas covered by a partnership with Community Libraries which are managed by charitable associations and volunteers.      

Apart from the obvious, libraries offer a range of different services to help people learn and live independent lives. They also offer a range of additional support and activity to encourage active use of libraries by all people. This includes, help with transport to get older people with mobility difficulties to a library club or to provide them with a volunteer home delivery service. They also offer a service for visually impaired people to access talking books and provide suitable technology to enable people with disabilities access library computers.  For children and families a raft of reading based activities is provided to foster reading skills and a love of books.

But how people use the service has changed remarkably over the last 20 years. They have gone from a computerised lending system across all libraries to a more sophisticated online system that enables library users to manage their own account including joining online, renewing items, checking the library catalogue, downloading e-books and reserving items – all from home or elsewhere via the Internet or the Library App. 

In libraries customers are now also able to issue their own books and use public access PCs to access the Internet and other digital customer services such as concessionary fare applications or Homeseeker registrations. 

There is also a Virtual Reference Library collection which means resources no longer have to be restricted to a few libraries but can be accessed across the county via the library webpage by library members -  In 2013-14 we recorded 190,276 accesses of the Virtual Reference Library.