Partner dies

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Help you register the death (Registration Services)

The Registration Service delivers the statutory function of registering deaths. The service also delivers the Tell Us Once Service to all death informants, and collecting in blue badges and other council issued documents.

The service is delivered from Cheltenham, which is the head office and the Register office for Gloucestershire. There are other full time offices in Gloucester (Shire Hall and Archives), Cinderford and Stroud, and part time offices in Cirencester library, Moreton library and Tewkesbury district council offices.

Last year we registered around 5500 deaths.

Provide help and support (Village and Community agents)

When a person dies the partner left behind can feel isolated and insecure. 38 part-time Village and Community Agents are there to help people aged 50+ in rural Gloucestershire. They provide an overview of services available in the county and offer help to access them.

Agents are employed and managed by GRCC, and jointly funded by Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. Village Agents now have a presence in over 200 of the County's parishes.

Agents live close to the communities in which they work. Consequently, they know the villages and their people well.