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Put you in touch with alcohol rehab/mental health services (mental health/alcohol services)

We commission Community Alcohol services through Turning Point, who operate across the whole county with offices in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cinderford, Tewksbury, Cirencester and Moreton.

The service operates by self or professional referral, and the support on offer includes telephone support, family/housing related support, and specialist nursing, including community detoxification and access to in patient and residential rehabilitation , 769 people received an alcohol service from Turning point during 2013/14.

Mental health

We provide support through social workers, community mental health nurses, occupational therapy, psychology and doctors who work with people with mental health problems based at centres throughout the County. They are there to work out the needs of mentally ill people and provide treatments. They are able to visit people in their own homes and try to sort out practical and emotional problems and provide interventions including medication. Specialist social workers provide help with problems such as:

  • Substance misuse (including glue-sniffing)
  • Alcohol counselling - when people are worried about or cannot control their drinking
  • Drug projects - for people using drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc.

We provide or commission several services to support individuals with Serious Mental Illness:

  • Vocational Service to support people looking for and staying in employment
  • Advocacy services including access to an Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service, access to an Appropriate Adult for people arrested by the Police; support for the setting up of Service User Networks
  • Wellbeing Services to give 1:1 support, access to activities that promote wellbeing and safe space for adults with mental health problems.