Raising a child with learning disability

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Provide special education needs (SEN team)

We provide a place where people with learning disabilities can get advice and support to live more independently.

We organise and sign post to local community based activities such as football, swimming and healthy walks and leisure activities like bowling and the cinema. We also organise different educational talks and groups to support people with various issues, for example health and employment and with accessing services and education to develop people's skills to find a job.

Drop in centres for help and support (Drop in centres)

We provide a safe and informal environment for finding out about what services are available in the local area. This includes:

  • Employment advice and support from employment to support adults with a learning disability to get real jobs.
  • Support and advice on issues from housing bidding, to benefit and financial issues.
  • Working closely with County Community Projects who can work with individuals to talk about and resolve concerns and problems independently.

Visitors are encouraged to drop in for a coffee and a chat and they are great places to make friends.