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Help you get round (Subsidised bus services)

We provide subsidy where bus companies cannot afford to run services. By law bus companies should not run services at a loss. £2.2m is spent on subsidising local bus services, including those provided by community transport organisations on a contractual basis to run to a regular published timetable like a bus service.

In total almost 2million passenger journeys are made on these funded services. A further 240,000 journeys a year are made on grant-funded community transport and voluntary car schemes offering door to door type services including dial-a-ride.

The purpose of providing subsidy is to enable people to access essential services such as

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Non emergency health services
  • Essential shopping

Over 90% of Gloucestershire residents can access their nearest centre within 45 minutes by public transport.

Maintain public rights of way and cycle routes so you can go hiking  and biking (PROW)

Gloucestershire has a network of 3500 miles of walking and riding paths to help you get to school, work and local facilities or enjoy the countryside. The network is also important to the rural economy as our countryside and long distance footpaths bring tourists into the county.

These paths need regular maintenance to keep them clear of obstructions and suitable for walking or riding. As our budget has reduced in recent years we now work more and more with town and parish councils, local businesses and many volunteers to keep the network in good order.

Give you information on safe sex, smoking and drinking (Public Health)

Public health is about the health of the entire county, rather than the health of individuals. It looks at addressing those factors which contribute to ill health rather than treating people when they have already become ill, such as vaccinations.

Gloucestershire County Council has a statutory duty to promote health and wellbeing and commission specific public health services. It also has responsibility for supporting the public health system as a whole to ensure that robust plans are in place to protect the health of the population, and to provide public health advice to the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG previously known as NHS Gloucestershire).

In addition to the above, the council has also taken on responsibility for:

    • public health aspects of local initiatives to tackle social exclusion;
    • public health aspects of community safety promotion, violence prevention & response;
    • local initiatives that reduce the public health impacts of environmental risks.

The public health grant allocation for Gloucestershire in 2013/14 was £21,126 million and in 2014/15 is £21,793 million.

In 2013/14:

  • Over 4,000 people managed to quit smoking with the help of Gloucestershire NHS Stop Smoking Service
  • The new community drug and alcohol intervention and treatment service saw 1,698 drug users and 769 people with alcohol misuse problems.
  • Over 15,000 people attended our contraception and sexual health services

Help you learn to play an instrument (Gloucestershire Music)

Gloucestershire Music provides exciting opportunities for young people to play a music instrument and sing both in and out of schools. Gloucestershire Music also runs 20 youth and adult music centres and ensembles with a membership of over 800 musicians. Many of these groups have represented the county at national festivals including Music for Youth and the National Concert Band Festival.