Your final years

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Assess you, give you support and advice (Adult social care)

Gloucestershire County Council provides various types of care and support.

Care and support doesn’t have to mean a care home. There are many other ways to help you remain living independently, such as:

  • personal care in your own home
  • practical support in your own home
  • equipment or adaptations to make living at home more comfortable
  • support and help to allow you or your carer to have a break
  • advice and information specific to your needs.

There are also services Gloucestershire County Council provides that are free regardless of the amount of savings you have. These are services that can help maintain independence (preventing or delaying the need for more intensive support) or are health services that are free by law. They include:

  • Advocacy
  • Reablement
  • Sessions at Drop-in centres
  • Community equipment and minor adaptations up to the value of £1,000
  • Services provided to carers under Section 2 of the Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000
  • Aftercare Services provided under
  • Telecare
  • Section 117 Mental Health Act 1982
  • Aftercare Services provided under Section 117 Mental Health Act 1982